Monday, February 21, 2011

How to get rid of skunk smell in your home and on your pets…

Living in the Boone/Blowing Rock area of the North Carolina Mountains you’repepe-le-pew exposed to an abundance of wildlife but…it was a first for us when Floyd the dog ran into the house excitedly proceeding to rub his burnt rubber, onion, garlic stir fry smelling snout all over our carpet. It was 10 at night so our reaction time was on the slow side but even though the dog was only inside a mere 20 seconds…lets just say things got real.
As I sit here right now 3 days later and probably 70% stench free. Counting my blessings that it’s warm enough to air out the house a little, I’m hopeful for a full recovery within the week.
There is a lot of great advice for this very problem if you google it so I won’t bore you with lame details but here’s a crash course on what worked for us.
-Windows open, candles, any smelly good stuff in general, coffee grinds sitting out, dryer sheets in every drawer, cabinets etc. pepe_le_pew
-Take anything you can that you think might possibly smell outside on the porch for a few days.
-Baking soda and oxy clean sprinkled on the carpet (left for 30 minutes) and then vacuuming.
Steam Cleaning too but we haven’t done that yet.
-Wipe down all surfaces in and out. Dish soap is a good solvent since the skunk scent is oil based.
-Shower a lot so people don’t run from you.
-Run on the treadmill next to a really big guy so that everyone that walks by thinks it’s him that smells (it gets into your pores).
The Dog
No scent (you find it in the hunting section of Walmart) works wonders and they make detergent, soap, shampoo, conditioner and spray. Coat your life in it.
-I’ve heard tomato juice for a bath but we saw a Myth Buster’s episode where they debunked that so what we started with was a baking soda, peroxide, dish soap bath. Don’t get that on his face though, you’ll have to find something more mild that won’t hurt his eyes.
-Wipe his face area with a dryer sheet a few times a day too.
-Thinking about giving him a hair cut.
-Also someone mentioned a Coca-Cola bath so I have that to try tomorrow.
Hope this helps if you ever find yourself in the situation!