Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Playhouse in Boone…Cure For Cabin Fever

Playhouse 014_600 Whether you’re a local or just like to visit, The Children’s Playhouse in Boone, run by Kathy Parham is an excellent resource if you have “younger” kids. It’s especially important in the cold winter months when there are very few indoor options.
The playhouse is a creative space where you can take your kids and socialize with other families. There is an arts and crafts room that changes weekly, a music corner, play kitchen, costumes, fish tank, tree house, ball pit, climbing wall and tons more. I remember the first time I took my 18 month old son, his eyes lit up like it was Christmas and stayed that way for the next week (we were hooked after one time).
It’s really great for parents like me who work from home and don’t have their kids in daycare. I’ve seen a big change in my son’s social skills just from being around the other kids.
The cost is 5 dollars per person (under a year free) and then only 100 dollars for a year long family membership. Absolutely worth it, especially if you’re a full timer up here. For more information on activities, classes, hours and directions please visit their site.
Playhouse 013_600
Thanks so much to all of the staff and volunteers who help keep this wonderful place up and running!
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